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  • Fully employed status
  • PI, PL & EL Insurances Included
  • No IR35 & MSC Concerns
  • Exempt from AWR
  • Fully Compliant
  • Innovative First to market product
  • Industry leading compliance team
  • An account manager for all contractors

call us on 0845 519 2888

IR35 Test

  • Bedouin offer a fantastic service which allows me to do my job without the worry of escalating admin. It’s so simple to deal with Bedouin and the service is fast and reliable every time.  Bedouin offer a first class service every time and this will be my 3rd year using their services. I would highly recommend Bedouin

    Marcus S – Contractor

  • I have nothing but praise for the team and their support throughout my employment with Bedouin and will continue to use them as Bedouin make contracting and being paid such a smooth process.  My account manager offer’s true professionalism and efficiency in ensuring that my needs are dealt with to a high standard. Anyone looking for maximum retention and great customer service will not be disappointed with Bedouin.

    Simone M – Nurse

  • Submitting my details to Bedouin is a breeze. I don’t have to complete any expense forms, and all my needs are dealt with. Using the Bedouin employed structure has been the best contractor service and experience so far. I have used several umbrella style companies and not one has been up to the Bedouin experience. They actually take of their contractors and staff” I would recommend Bedouin to anyone.

    Roger B – Engineering Contractor

  • I work long hours as a doctor and as duty to my patients, I don’t have time to complete an abundance of forms. Using Bedouin has been easy! My account manager knows my requirements and her attention to detail is second to none. In my line of work you have to adhere to high standards and competence in mind and I am always confident that Bedouin deliver. I have recommended fellow colleague’s to Bedouin many times and will continue to do so!

    Karl K – Doctor

  • This was my first role as a contractor and spent many weeks researching my options between using and Umbrella Company or setting up my own Ltd company. My decision was quickly made to use Bedouin as most umbrella companies wanted me to complete lots of expense forms while the Ltd Company was just far too time consuming for just myself in the business. Plus the contract retention was far higher than using either of the other options.

    Richard A – Digital Media Contractor